Welcome to the Lake Country Film Festival Guidelines page! This page is here to help you submit your film(s) and understand the rules/ regulations.

Festival Guidelines:

Guidelines have been established to bring success to the films you are creating. Please read carefully, so you can meet the criteria for the category you are interested in. You may submit as many films as you would like and in all categories. You may also submit more than one film per category. The purpose of the guidelines is to help you be successful. We want your film to be showcased at the Lake Country Film Festival! Please contact us if you have any questions (Michael Krill- [email protected] or Danielle Bukal- [email protected]).

Entry Window: February 1st - 29th, 2020

We will only accept films that have been shared with us as an MP4 on google ([email protected]) or a public link from youtube. Please see Submission Form


HOW DO I SUBMIT??? Start filming now!

You have the entire month of February to submit your film on the submissions form!

We will only accept public links to YOUTUBE or MP4s.


You will receive an email within 48 hours of each of your submissions. Please submit using the google form on the Submission page.


In early March, you will receive notification as to whether your film has been accepted or denied. This will come through an email directly from [email protected]. If your film is accepted you will be invited to the event. You may also be asked to make edits to your film in order to meet the standards of the Festival. We will immediately share the details regarding ticket purchases for you and your entourage to offer the best seating opportunity for the showing.

Audience Voting and Awards:

On Friday, April 3, 2020 the live audience will take an active role in voting for the best in each category as well as best in show. This means the audience will be the judges of the films in each category. There will be at least 42 films the night of the performance. The audience will watch all the films and have the opportunity to vote for each category, and then individually select a film they decide is the best in each category. Each audience member will receive a booklet with movie titles and directors as the they enter the OAC. Audience members will select the tab of the movie they choose for each category. Audience members should vote only once per category. The votes will be counted and tallied at the final showing. The winners will be announced at the end of the show. The Awards Ceremony and LC Awards will be given out immediately following the showing. The audience will also vote on the best overall film near the end of the evening and the Viewers Choice Award will be awarded as the final performance award of the evening.

Types of Entries 8 categories: (See Genre Descriptions)

Total Film entries: 42

*Film Fest review committee will make decisions based on the quality of films. If your film does not meet certain criteria you may be notified to make corrections or edits to your original submission by a hard deadline. Selected films may be edited to fit the showcase time factors. Committee discretion is final.

Total Awards offered in each area: 1 per category

Awards in Cross Categorical:Best Entry Overall, Best in Class, Best Director, Best Female Lead, Best Male Lead, Best Scene, Best Supporting Male Actor, Best Supporting Female Actor, Best Editing, Best Sound Design, Best Original Script, Best Cinematography, Best Digital Effects

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