Launched in Spring 2016, the Lake Country Film Festival encourages future filmmakers to create films and production pieces that inspire peer filmmakers and universal audiences through the power of Visual Artistry, Sound Design, and Storytelling. This is a call to ALL students in the Lake Country Area and beyond looking to showcase their artistic film production. Produce a film of your choice or submit a film you’ve already made (provided that it meets the eligibility requirements). Please see the film festival guidelines for submission information.

If you have any questions regarding film content, quality, types, etc., please contact us for questions and/or interest.

Types of Entries 8 categories:

  1. Short Films under 10 minutes (6*)
  2. Passion Pieces 3-5 minutes (4*)
  3. Photo Montage 1-2 minutes (5*)
  4. One Minute Movies (10*)
  5. Single Topic Video- (youtubers) 2-5 minute (4*)
  6. Documentary, or Narrative; 3-8 minutes (4*)
  7. Experimental Pieces/ Live-Action or Animated 1-6 minutes (4*)
  8. Original Music Videos and Songs by local high school artists 3-5 minutes (4*)

Film entries: 42

* Film Fest review committee will make decisions based on the quality of films. If your film does not meet certain criteria you may be notified to make corrections or edits to your original submission by a hard deadline. Selected films may be edited to fit the showcase time factors. Committee discretion is final.

Total Awards offered in each area: 1 per film category selected by audience

Total Awards: 20

A panel of judges from the area will be determining the entrance criteria. The director must have been in high school when the film was completed and graduated from high school after January 1st 2019* This means if you are in high school or graduated in May 2019, your film is welcomed.

*For those that may have graduated early.

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